Come in to try a Gyrotonic session in downtown Traverse City, Michigan!

Group classes and Pelvic Floor Health workshops available at Table Health.

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Come for a spin on the machines on select Fridays 4 – 6pm – Open Gym!

Kindly RSVP to Mia@MiaTraverseCity.com to confirm participation on Fridays and for general inquires!

MIA is located at 148 East Front Street on the second floor, above Talbots and next to TART Trails, Inc.

“Movement is everywhere. It is what we know and how we learn. It is how we sense and how we respond. It is what we do without thinking and what we do when we are thinking. It is the source of who we are and the agent of who we are becoming.”

~  Kimerer LaMothe, PhD,
Author of Why We Dance?

“One system is gaining traction of late, and that’s a piece of apparatus called the Gyrotonic Expansion System, or GXS. It’s by no means a new invention and has been offered in many boutique and specialist studios for some time. But only recently is it starting to really grow in popularity, helped no doubt by the fitness craze we’re currently experiencing across the world. One of London’s top yoga and pilates studios, Triyoga, has recently dubbed Gyrotonic classes the “next big thing in wellness”, predicting that Londoners will follow in the footsteps of Liv Tyler and Andy Murray to take up the exercise in 2019.”

~ Forbes Magazine, Feb 26, 2019 Fitness Tech:
What Is Gyrotonic? How It Works And Why You Should Do It

Mia Munroe“As a former professional ballet dancer, I empathize with chronic pain and injury. My teaching education and personal recovery from a career in professional ballet came directly from Juliu Horvath, the inventor of the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods.

“Now, as teacher trainer in the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods, I specialize in working safely within the limitations of common ailments such as back pain, chronic lifestyle injuries, and pelvic floor dysfunction.

“My goal is to teach people to find comfort in their bodies and feel uplifted in their movements – whether it’s within everyday functional movement or a favorite physical activity. Movement in Action studio will allow you to achieve greater comfort and ease in your body.”

~Mia Munroe, Owner of Movement In Action

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