GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® Method Testimonials

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“Over the last ten years, I’ve been fortunate to further my studies in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis with Mia Munroe. Mia is an exceptional teacher and an amazing mover. She unerringly knows what to say to communicate the depth and the beauty of this method and make it accessible to her students. She’s endlessly inventive in her teaching and tireless in her mission to understand the body. It is so inspiring to be guided by someone who is constantly exploring the work not just to teach but for her own personal discovery. I think this is what informs her unique perspective, honesty and humor and why class with Mia is always fresh and insightful. I’m always learning something new.”

~ Elissa Van Poznak, Certified Gyrotonic® pre-trainer and Gyrokinesis® teacher
West Palm Beach, FL

“I love, love, love working with Mia!  She’s the real deal; an inspiring, encouraging, and patient teacher who is dedicated to her students and the methods of Gyrokenisis and Gyrotonic.  As a student, I love taking classes from Mia. Her years of experience as a Master Trainer and her amazing knowledge of the human body are evident in every class she teaches, and she is always fully present for each of her students. And her zany sense of humor just cracks me up, making class just fly by! As a fellow teacher, I appreciate Mia’s dedication and availability to each of her students and apprentices all over this world, making sure we truly understand not just how to teach, but also why we each what we teach- she is always there to answer my questions. She has creatively developed some fabulous resources for healing and health with her Inner Pelvic Health workshops and her annual Orcas Island Gyrokenisis retreat, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! I highly recommend to everyone they treat themselves to some time with Mia, it will be worth every minute!”

~ Anne Marie Schultz, Gyrotonic and Gyrokenisis trainer, Power Pilates Teacher Trainer

“Before I started working with Mia, every step hurt. I enjoy my work as a cinematographer and going out in the evenings, but my arthritic knees took away any pleasure of being on my feet. My work with Mia helped me find space in my joints and strengthened my supporting muscles. I’m not running marathons, but Mia’s work has added several years to my career and I enjoy dancing again.”

~ Joseph, Seattle, WA

“Mia’s teaching is unsurpassed, as she combines her extensive knowledge of the bodies’ systems with a genuine and deep caring of those she helps move. She helped me to discover freedom in my body, so that I can move with joy, which I am so grateful for! Thank you Mia!”

~ Stefanie, Vancouver, B.C.

“Mia’s teaching is at once fun, clear, and incredibly detailed in the workings of the body, making her classes accessible to everyone who wants to have a deeper connection and understanding of how to move with better ease, strength and grace.”

~ Monica, Vermont

“I am a long-term Gyrokinesis practitioner and have worked with many master trainers.  Mia is unique not only for her dynamic classes but in her ability to design workshops and retreats that literally are life-changing. I have attended many and always come away with a new approach to my body, Gyrokinesis and myself as a person.  Mia is extremely passionate and knowledgeable.  I’d highly recommend her for both individual and group work.”

~ Nina, Washington, DC

“Mia is the full embodiment of Gyrokinesis, both inside and out of the studio. Her teaching is infused with passion, discipline, breath and humor, making her one of the most accessible and uplifting teachers I have ever encountered. Her fully internalized knowledge of kinesiology, gained during her first career as a professional dancer, is glowingly apparent in her hands-on instruction, which aligns her clients and students fully from skin through to bone.  An indefatigable curiosity drives her to continually research and grow her own practice, which sets an inspiring example for anyone lucky enough to cross her path. If have a chance to study with Mia, DO IT! You’ll learn how to arch and curl on a whole different level!”

~ Lisa, Indianapolis, IN

“With unbelievably comprehensive competence and knowledge, Mia teaches Gyrokinesis with humor. Her teaching technique is phenomenal; her corrections are positive, always encouraging. I leave the class feeling taller, healthy, and invigorated.”

~ Judith, Germany

“I have been taking Gyrokinesis® classes from Mia for five years and am continually inspired by her. She provides new insights and fresh approaches that take me deeper in my understanding of and joy in the work and in my body. I wish I could show you a before and after picture—it’s really amazing how much better I look and feel now that gyro is a regular part of my life. Bone spurs in my right hip joint were causing a lot of pain and restriction of movement but, with Mia’s help in focusing on working with the thighbone extending out of the socket to provide more space during movement, the pain has been greatly reduced. Mia’s classes have hugely improved the quality of my life!”

~ Chris, Seattle, WA

“I love Mia!!! Sweet, mindful, dynamic, funny, creative, rebellious, flowing and full of insight!”

~ Caroline, Denver, CO

“Gyrokinesis with Mia is life-changing. My work with her has helped me recover critical core strength and realign my musculature — greatly reducing my injury-related pain and improving my mind-body connection. I find my work with Mia to be incredibly effective, especially the return on my time investment. All the good I get from even a single session still staggers me. I feel and move through the world so much better, and it shows!”

~ Heidi, Seattle, WA

Inner Pelvic Health Testimonials

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“I have worked with Mia Munroe twice a week for about 2 months.  The focus of the workouts started with pelvic floor work as I was having trouble with incontinence.    It has really made a significant impact on my daily life.  I have seen a huge improvement in that short time.  I no longer have to stop on the drive over to Miami to use the rest room and run to the rest room as soon as I get to my destination. Also, I no longer have to use the rest room during hour long workouts.”

~ Daryl S.

“Just wanted to write a few lines here about my experience online with Mia Munroe which completely cleared up a pelvic issue which had me greatly disabled.  

“After having my fourth child even in a healthy fashion, I found that I had pain and urinary innocence for months after birth.  When I sat it worsened, when I walked, with each step, it worsened… meaning I could not sit or walk and was bed ridden (while having four children to take care of).  I saw one doctor and specialist after another of both western medicine and other modalities of healing.  Finally I saw a woman’s health physical therapist who told me that I had spasms in my pelvic floor muscles as well as my ligaments and bones being out of whack.  The physical therapist told me that she would have to manually release the spasms for several costly, weekly sessions before I could even begin strengthening.  I was so down after hearing this news, and on that very day I cam home to find a magazine opened up to Mia Munroe’s article on Inner Pelvic Health which a friend had left for me.  Mia’s article described me.  I phoned, we spoke, and I was shockingly improved with great speed in no time at all, after just a few sessions – and I loved it, it was fun!

“By now I am strong and fit and have no pelvic issues at all!  I still practice regularly and plan to for life as the practice opened up so many inner pathways in my body, and is a beautiful remedy for evening out my energy which must flow. 

“I was surprised how much I could learn without Mia having ever been physically in the same room as me, nor ever being able to put her hands on my body or using a piece of equipment.

“I am infinity grateful for this practice you’ve unveiled and for fate having my paths cross with Mia and her help.  It was more than the physical practice Mia helped me to find, it was also her careful ability to talk with me through whatever I encountered in my practice, in myself.”

~ Mia C.

“Mia Munroe’s Gyro classes are the highlight of my week. The exercises wake up my whole nervous system and make me happy.

“While teaching in Seattle, she emphasized the pelvic floor muscles, and I believe as a result, I have fewer problems with bladder control and leakage.

“She helped us learn where these muscles are and how to strengthen them for better support.”

~ Judith

“The information about the pelvic floor that Mia imparts in her workshop is invaluable. 

“Discussing pelvic floor disfunction is stigmatizing for many people, yet Mia shares this important information with clarity, grace and humor. 

“The imagery and exercises she teaches are transformational.”

~ Valerie, Certified Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Instructor