GYROKINESIS® Applications for Pelvic Floor Health

A new and unique pelvic floor education available for teachers utilizing principles of the Gyrokinesis method.

Gyrokinesis Applications for Pelvic Floor Health is specifically aimed towards helping a growing number of women, and now recognizably men, who often suffer in embarrassed silence. Women are suffering from unusual damage due to childbirth complications and even normal aging. Prolapse, incontinence, and unsuccessful corrective surgical procedures are becoming all-too-common. Even men silently cope with prostate inflammation and pain due to a sedentary lifestyle.

In both cases, an unnecessary acceptance of a given disorder will keep a one from accurately disclosing this information, even to their primary care physician. There is a warranted fear that the treat may be worse than the condition itself. Other than an emerging practice of pelvic floor physical therapy, there appear to be few options readily available.

Traditional Kegel exercises, especially when overdone, without proper stretching and relaxation techniques, are often ineffective. They may even be detrimental for some. Fitness professionals have a unique opportunity to speak to the general public.

Learn to teach the general public how to regain and retrain pelvic control

The 3-day workshop offers license renewal for certified Gyrokinesis Trainers. Participants learn the current state of common issues, their treatments, and the confidence to educate their clients in approaches that could help maintain control of healthy bodily functions. Whether clients wish to maintain or recover from all-too-common ailments, teachers will be left with tools for effective communication of common yet delicate subjects.

The course contains a unique class routine, reinforcing basic Gyrokinesis principles. Both teachers and clients can learn to reorganize and strengthen the entire team of pelvic muscles, potentially improving any trauma, physical and/or emotional.

I also teach group co-ed classes for the general public, demonstrating to teachers easy delivery of a complex subject. Teachers who wish to offer their own group classes will feel confident knowing how to make participation safe, even for those suffering with dysfunction and chronic pain and lacking in exercise experience. Clear modifications are available.

Please contact me with any questions. I am happy to consult one-on-one or to schedule public classes and workshops in your area.